• Agata Sleeman

Chicken or Egg? The Marketing dilemma - what to work on first...

So which comes first? The chicken? Or the egg?

The current theme across many of my clients at the moment is to ask - what should we tackle first in our marketing?

Part of the dilemma comes about when we there isn't a plan in place. It really does start (but never ends, soz) with planning.

Let's say your business dilemma is about awareness of a product range...

"That's me!!!" I hear you say.

Common issue, my friend - you're sitting on a goldmine of a product but you just need more people to know you exist.

My first questions to you would be... What are your objectives? What is your vision?

When we start with plan, the strategy, tactics and all the marketing Ps you need to decide on become much easier.

When that plan ain't in place, you'll find yourself deep inside an already open Pandora's box. You've built yourself an empire and it's been running just fine without a marketing plan, but now that you've plateaued you'll find yourself looking around needing to get everything up to scratch.

Suddenly your WOM and Facebook page isn't enough to drive the growth you want and you now need a total makeover - needing to actually sit down and define your target markets, segment them, undertake SEO, start paying for digital advertising yadda, yadda.... oh and don't forget to revisit your brand and branding as that's fallen by the wayside while you were (rightfully so!) working ON your business.

It takes time (which you don't have). It takes diligence and it takes a degree of fact-finding, data analysis and soul searching but stopping to plan really is worthwhile, otherwise you'll be faced living in the house that jack built and realising this is one heck of a renovation job you have on your hands.

So what came first then? The theory is that eggs existed for other reptiles, insects and turtles long before the first chicken evolved. Evolution is a slow beast though and not one that could replace the efforts of some good modern day marketing planning.

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