• Agata Sleeman

P.S. Three reasons why I like radio

And this is NOT to say I like it more or less than other channels. Because, after all there is no perfect channel - it's always about the right message / the right mix of media / the right time and of course - the right attitude.

Three reasons why I like radio for marketing:

1) Captive audience. Yeah, I stream my music like the best of them but when you're doing a late night ice cream run to the IGA in your uggies, you're not looking to fine tune the experience with a Salt n' Peppa Remix.

2) Responsive. In the height of COVID or any newsworthy time, it's the most up to date and relevant channel for delivering news.

3) Perfect for the multitasker. Apparently it's NOT OK to check out funny cat memes whilst driving. Radio keeps me thinking I'm accomplishing more - driving and learning. The same could be said for any music service or podcasts of course. But if your target customer is a busy one then they may too feel the guilts about time wasting on social media.

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