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Please Sir, no more COVID emails! How to make your brand relevant amongst the COVID clutter.

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

It was during the heart of self-imposed COVID isolating and me and the kids were trying to fill our days #stayathome. I attempted the whole 'school from biz', and I admit we had a stellar first day but it then went into a downward spiral only days later.

When I did get a chance to check email, my inbox was exploding with COVID policy emails from basically every business I had every engaged with.

The last thing I needed to see was numerous emails from one particular personalised label company (no names mentioned of course) which looked like nothing more than a desperate plea for sales during errr a a world-wide health crisis!

Why on earth did they think that anyone, let alone me, would need to update our collection of lunchbox stickers and personalised backpacks? At a time when we weren't leaving the house?

I felt, quite simply, rage. When life as we know if has been pulled from underneath us, none of us are sleeping and we have no real clue what the future will look like... why are they trying to sell to me as per usual?

My rage translated into me hitting the unsubscribe button (though I still get there emails months later) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I thought it was the tone and lack of relevance to today's climate that irked me the most.

What could they have done differently? Here are some of the thoughts I had.

By being relevant and customer-centric and thinking like their customers and audience, they could have approached business a little differently. Look at what your audience are doing - consider that maybe, with so much time at home some other products may be more relevant to people at this time.

What if they had emailed me with 'tips to make life at home easier during #stayathome"? Maybe a personalised organiser to help with managing home schooling? Maybe a 'time to reorganise your pantry' email with a special link to food storage labels?

There are so many new trends and ways we are operating in this new world and if you're a brand that can get into your customers head and help make them feel a little bit more normal then you can go places!

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