• Agata Sleeman

Since when can a pandemic be a competitive advantage?

So your shop's shut. Everyone's out of work and not spending. Oh dear.

It all sounds like doom and gloom, but we have seen some brands and businesses deliver some remarkable results in the last few months. Some are those trusted brands that we always turn to but there are also other little geniuses out there who are making some waves and turning the current world's biggest problem into their competitive advantage.

Those that are doing it well seem to have a common factor that is guiding them. They are engaging really well on social and digital channels.

Whilst the foot traffic may not have slowed, your customers haven't vanished into thin air - they've just changed to become 'an audience' instead. Whilst some of us isolate it's been apparent that as humans we are still thriving to connect with others and we are still spending (just look at alcohol sales!).

This is your chance as a brand and a business to really engage with your new audience and start giving them content through your social channels that is Engaging | Relevant | Positive.

Rather than lock the doors and spend all your time reading your own social media news feed - why not start curating and creating the best content for your audience. Deliver it through your social channels and what you will find is that your audience will also become your customers... but more on that later!

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