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Will you be my New Normal? When customers are looking for comfort in brands.

I was driving along in Perth a few weeks back and heard a radio ad that left me virtually high-fiving the backpackers of Scarborough who walked past. I do LOVE radio as a marketing channel, so keep in mind my bias). But this post is NOT about radio, it's about engaging with your customers in a relevant way. Here is a post about radio though ICYI.

So the radio ad was for Zarraffas Coffee. It's an Australian-owned chain and I'm not even sure what their coffee tastes like, but I went from not knowing the brand one day to writing a blog about it the next).

Why did it stand out for me?

One line*:

"Come and find your daily piece of normal with a Zarraffas Coffee".

Is that not GOLD? I honestly nearly got teary at how powerful this line is. When our world is ever-changing (for COVID or whatever reason), haven't we all taken comfort in 'the little things'?

Being relevant in today's market, I think, means you need to do one of two things:

  1. Remind people that some things are still normal

  2. Help people adjust to living in the new normal

These are the brands that will get cut through. Those that can create content, provide advice, lead the change in a change-ridden world will be the stand outs.

Take a look (if you haven't already) at #explorebc / #explorebclater . The tourism body for British Columbia in Canada responded well when things hit the proverbial fan. Their site allows you to explore BC with rich, engaging video and photography - letting you escape your everyday whilst promoting socially responsible messages around social distancing. I've holidayed all over BC before and I should have saved my money as their experience on social was just as rich as IRL.

So if you feel as though you've been buckling down waiting for the worst of this to be over. Chin up soldier, ask yourself how can your brand help create/recreate normal and you too might experience a Zarraffas Ephinany just like me.

*I've paraphrased this btw, sorry Mr Copywriter - you probably spent hours agonising over the exact words.

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